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As part of our network of collaborators you have access to all available assessments and work according to your profile. Usually punctual, dynamic and flexible work, which you can apply from our platform. Each collaboration methodology vary so you will receive prior training, along with all the support of our team, before testing. We are waiting.


Adult (Over 18)

Observation capacity

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Computer with Internet connection

Reliability and commitment


If, in the section of collaborator we have placed a link so you can register directly from our website. Once you enter your data, you can access your profile as a employees to HIGH REMARK. You'll have to wait for our team analyze your information and contact you.
There is no problem to change the information that you registered at first. If you need to change your phone number, your address ... go on our website and from your profile as a collaborator can make appropriate changes.
He/She can register via our website, in the section on employees and wait for our team to contact you or you can contact us at the following email address If you have any questions or inconvenience arises, you can also call 934 105 540.
There is no problem. Just send an email to and we will respond as soon as possible
You not have to worry. Email us at and we will give you access again after checking your data.
Payments for the collaborations are made raw, so relevant to income tax withholding must be done by each employee on their own. No need to sign a contract because these activities are collaborations. All you have to accept the terms and conditions are to ask when you register. Nor it will require to be independent worker as these collaborations are punctual and do not pose a job performance or considered normal economic activities. Similarly, they do not need to register the employee in the Social Security. For jobs that involve other more continuous activity (interviewers, telephone operators, flight attendants or POS) for this type of jobs will join social security or will work as independent worker.